Scott McKim

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Scott is from Edinburgh and graduated Stirling University with a Business Law degree.

After working in TradFi for around 10 years he relocated to Southern Spain and finally Gibraltar where he gained exposure to the Crypto industry at the top of the bull run in late 2017 (rekt soon after).

In 2018 Scott joined CFE Ltd as an Account Manager and was part of the team that was granted the first ever DLT licence in Gibraltar.

He moved on to Damex in April 2019 where as Head of Trading he was tasked with scaling up our OTC business. Monthly volumes increased across the desk from 1m to 200m over a 3.5 year period as Damex moved out of “start-up” territory.

As of 01/02/2023, Scott is now Damex COO as we pursue our final end goal of becoming a Gibraltar unicorn.

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