Jezen Burton

Trader / Research Analyst

Jezen began his career as an Applications Engineer with a UK-based manufacturing and
automation firm after graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a Masters in
Mechanical Engineering. He transitioned into a multidisciplinary role there, supervising
engineering projects and developing specialised technical solutions for each application.
Jezen developed an interest in algorithmic trading as a result of his analytical nature, and
he has since been designing his own algo systems to trade the Forex markets. He grew
interested in crypto and blockchain technologies more recently and chose to pursue a

career in this field.

Jezen now joins Damex as a Trader on the OTC desk, and will also be working as a

Research Analyst on a variety of DeFi initiatives.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & Operations Director
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer
Managing Director Damex Business
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Managing Director Damex Retail
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Chief Operating Officer & Money Laundering Reporting Officer in UAB