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Damex Business

Damex Business helps medium and high-risk clients improve the efficiency and profitability of their global payments processes through the movement, management and integration of digital and fiat assets.

We enable businesses to make and receive payments locally and internationally more quickly and at lower costs using stablecoins and IBANs.

Damex Personal

A simple and secure instant account for your money.
Manage your fiat and digital money with ease. Open your free account in minutes, enabling safe payments, exchanges, and transfers. Promising rewarding accounts to every client.
Our Damex Earn 30-day fixed rate program gives you a 9% AER on your (digital dollars/money). We will pay your interest monthly and it is yours to use however you like. Additionally, we will also guarantee the principal amount by 100%




It’s really easy! Download Damex on the App Store or Google Play Store, then sign-up in just a few minutes.

Send us an email to [email protected] and our client support team would be happy to help get this across to you.You can also find details of all your transactions in the Damex App under Activity.

We love to hear your thoughts on our products and services. Send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be sure to listen!

Select the Forgot Access code link which you’ll find when opening the app.A member of the client support team will be notified and will give you a hand resetting your access code.

Yes. damex.io is an authorised EMI distributor under MODULR Finance, registered by the FCA and the GFSC, which allows Damex to issue IBANs and sort codes to clients within the Damex ecosystem. damex.io was also among the first authorised DLT providers by the GFSC to provide broker/dealer and custody services . Damex.io UAB is also registered in Lithuania with the FCIS to offer virtual currency exchange and custody services.

You can make payments to your Damex account through your external bank app but not from within the Damex app. We are working on making this possible in the future.


You can use your Damex Card everywhere, as long as you have sufficient balance, there will be no problem. Please note that there are fees imposed on ATM withdrawals above a certain amount per month.

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Discover Damex Business


Helping medium and high-risk clients improve the efficiency and profitability of their global payments processes


Accessing corporate bank accounts has become more and more difficult over recent years, particularly for companies deemed to be medium or high risk.

Custody Solutions

Damex offers three alternative custody solutions.

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