Alex Jordaan

Product Manager

Alex Jordaan, a native of Zambia, pursued Business Administration in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Following his studies, he relocated to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he embarked on a career in tech start-ups. His tenure in Product Management at several leading Amsterdam start-ups has given him an extensive understanding of the modern tech landscape. As the new Product Manager at Damex, Alex brings his experience in developing automated AI and machine learning products. He aims to leverage this expertise to help Damex achieve its ambitious scaling goals, while upholding its core values and team spirit. His proven track record in process management and scaling companies makes him an invaluable asset during this period of rapid growth.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & Operations Director
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer
Managing Director Damex Business
Chief Marketing Officer
Managing Director Damex Retail
Chief Executive Officer Americas
Head of Business Development
Trader / Research Analyst
Chief Operating Officer & Money Laundering Reporting Officer in UAB