Jeremy King

Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Jeremy became DAM’s first employee following an extensive internship with the Company where he displayed an unrivalled desire to learn more and grow with a young and innovative industry and Company. Prior to his full time appointment, Jeremy assisted in undergoing digital asset analysis and various operational matters. Jeremy forms a key part of the team’s operational matters and has matched the team’s hunger and energetic spirit as a small growth distributed ledger technology business.

Prior to joining the Company in 2019 as a full-time employee, Jeremy worked in a local bank on migration projects and client services. He also had prior experience placements working with asset managers on traditional financial instruments.

Jeremy also has successfully completed a BA (Hons) in Business Management with Economics at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. He has most recently participated in an MSc in Business Economics and Finance at Aston University Business School where he had focused on Advance Quantitative Methods, International Finance and where his dissertation focused on token economics.

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