Yana Tolstokorova

Graphic Designer

After completing her studies at the University of Journalism in Moscow, Yana began to develop in the field of graphic design, studying the most complex programs of Adobe, 3D modeling and content creation. After the successful implementation and creation of the corporate look of the Damex Pro League on social networks (a professional basketball league founded by Damex.io ) she joined the team, helping to improve the visual identity. In addition, Yana is a two-time medalist at the World Rowing Championships.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder & Operations Director
Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer
Managing Director Damex Business
Chief Marketing Officer
Managing Director Damex Retail
Chief Executive Officer Americas
Head of Business Development
Trader / Research Analyst
Chief Operating Officer & Money Laundering Reporting Officer in Damex.io UAB