UPDATE: Scott McKim joins DAM as Head of Sales & OTC Trading


Scott’s beginnings

Scott was born in Edinburgh and graduated with a Business Law degree from Stirling University. He began his career in Financial Services with Bank of Scotland, and spent the majority of his 8 years there as a Financial Analyst in the area of Corporate Loans and Libor Loans.

Scott’s Diverse Experience

Scott continued to work in Banking, now with Lloyds Banking Group, in the years after the global financial crisis and credit crunch. At this point, he decided to remove himself from the corporate business world and began teaching English in the South of Spain. Scott claims that he took this step to broaden his horizons, however rumours of the involvement of a Spanish girl still persist to this day.

Scott returned to Financial Services with Transact Payments Ltd in 2016 which was the beginning of his professional life in Gibraltar. The following year, he began to research and buy cryptocurrency whilst also dedicating some of his time to learn about this nascent industry.

In early 2018, Scott joined Coinfloor Gibraltar as their Account Manager. He was part of the team that secured Gibraltar’s first ever licence under the DLT Framework whilst also building a network and contacts within this area. Coinfloor Gibraltar offered regulated OTC services and some of Scott’s responsibilities included Business Development, Account Management and OTC Trading.

What Scott brings to DAM

Scott brings to DAM a combination of skills and experience from both traditional Finance and Fintech. His strong relationship building skills and sales knowledge will be utilised to grow DAM’s client base and revenue streams.

DAM’s Board commented: ‘Scott is a great fit for our team and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  We are very aware, that as we grow, the quality of our first few key hires will determine our success in the early years. Scott brings new skills to our core team and we are confident he will do well at DAM’.