Putting the DAM in Amsterdam – Digital Asset Management present in Amsterdam


DAM attends the Blockchain Talks Volume 7

Philip Vasquez and Sam Buxton of Digital Asset Management Ltd both gave presentations on the intrinsic insights of the regulation of digital assets and ICOs as well as investment analysis and how to understand and research blockchain projects. The event, was the “Blockchain Talks Volume 7” at the Meet Berlage, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Philip”s presentation drew from his experiences to cover the common legal and regulatory pain points that distributed ledger technology projects and token generating events (also known as ICOs) face in Europe and around the world. He also discussed how investment funds are being structured to invest in DLT projects and tokenised projects – delving particularly into key controls, processes and policies that funds can implement in order to minimise and mitigate risk with DLT investments. The presentation also discussed trends that are starting to emerge in such investments and structures such as Security Token Offerings (STOs). Finally, Philip elaborated from his experience to discuss how digital assets and the results of tokenised projects can require individuals, businesses and lawyers to manage and enforce rights over digital assets. This is particularly the case given that many legal principles have yet to be tested in a tokenised framework. The slides of Philip”s presentation and references can be viewed here.

Sam Buxton’s presentation

Sam”s presentation delved into different methods for managing portfolios of tokens and DLT investments, particularly going into different methods on how individuals may buy, sell and rebalance such assets.

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