New collaboration: Damex & Boxx United: ”United we stand, divided we fall”


Damex collaboration with BoXX United

As we grow as a company we seek to create a win-win with groups that align with and share our vision, and of course, generate much greater value for our assets. This is why our commitment to our partners is so strong. Therefore, Damex is proud to announce a collaborative joint effort with BoXX United, a sports marketing organisation connecting sports clubs and athletes worldwide with fans, companies and sports-related charities through a global marketplace.

Benefits of KiXX token

We’ll be working together to support the KiXX token reaching sports fans worldwide. The benefits of the KiXX token include, but are not limited to not only the unique experience it’ll bring to fans, sponsors and clubs alike, but also its contribution to the global sports economy enabling sports teams to create other revenue streams while enabling sports related charities to get the support they need.

Worldwide there are circa 25 sports clubs listed publicly. This means that the sport market is one of the least accessible markets at the moment, and virtually impossible for the nearly 4.9 billion sports fans to participate in. What makes BoXX United such an interesting project is that you have the opportunity to be part of your favourite sports clubs or athletes by purchasing KiXX tokens.


We are equally as passionate about the Blockchain space and world of Sport as we are about our desire to change society for the better!

Our CEO Sam Buxton said of the collaboration, ”The future is now and this collaboration is all about connecting the world of crypto and sports. We share their vision, and we’re delighted to be working with BoXX United to help bring the KiXX token to the masses.”