Damex Giveaway Terms and Conditions

By submitting your information, you agree that Damex’s promotion to provide rewards is a promotion run by Damex trading as Damex and any decision to distribute, not distribute or partially distribute any amounts is at the full and sole discretion of Damex.
You agree that all of the information and data provided by you is correct and that you will hold Damex harmless and free from any liability in relation to any incorrect information or data entered by you. Further or alternatively you also agree that the wallet address details you have entered and provided are correct and appropriate for the given digital asset selected and that Damex will not be held responsible for any incorrect information and/or data provided by you. You also agree to Damex’s Risk Notice.
By submitting your information you are also acknowledging and agreeing to Damex’s Privacy Policy which sets out information on why and how we store any personal data collected.