Cross-border payment refers to any transaction in which the payer and the payee are located in different countries; these transactions can take place between individuals, companies, and banking institutions. Damex’s cross-border settlements have made it easy and stress-free to do business across borders. Our fully regulated and compliant platform helps clients to make payments and repatriate funds from challenging
jurisdictions, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Stable coins, and our unique on-ramp network of local digital asset brokers worldwide. Damex ensures that your cross-border settlements follow the highest industry standards. We prioritize security, transparency, and regulatory compliance to provide you with a secure financial environment.


Our fully regulated platform ensures that your cross-border settlements comply with global financial regulations.

Efficiency Through

Experience faster and more secure transactions with the power of Blockchain technology.

Stability with
Stable Coins.

Mitigate volatility by utilizing Stable coins as a reliable medium of exchange.

Global Network
of Brokers.

Our on-ramp network of local digital asset brokers offers unparalleled access and expertise in challenging jurisdictions.

your Business.

with Damex’s Cross-Border Settlements. Experience a new level of efficiency, transparency, and reliability in your global financial transactions.